Hi there!

I have to tell you a story.

All of my life I had a concept and a plan of how my life will look like. Every day was well planned and filled with stuff I had to do. When I was a teenager I had almost no time doing what other teenagers do because on the one hand, I felt like I am an old, thinking soul trapped in a young body and on the other hand because I’ve always had so many dreams I thought I needed to complete.

I always thought I was different and I didn’t like it because I felt somehow alone. High school was hell for me. However, there was one bright spot – I started to get to know myself better. I wanted to know why I feel the way I do and I wanted to feel better in my own skin. That was the time I labeled myself as an introvert. One word that completely changed my life around. For the better. I started to accept myself with everything that I am.

I developed one passion that is still guiding me through life. This passion is psychology. I am currently a student of psychology but what I love to do most is learning, discovering, experiencing and gaining knowledge on my own. I am super enthusiastic about fields of positive psychology, personal growth, and personality.
I have always dreamt of being someone who can really change the world, no matter how cliche this sounds like. I’ve always felt the urge to help people and when I was a little girl I didn’t know how exactly this is going to go. But now I am older (bigger and smarter, I guess) and I think I found my way. I have a big wish to help people and guide them down the path of accepting themselves as they are and at the same time to help them to constantly grow. Despite all the bad experiences I had with people, I’ve always treated them as special creatures that I have to yet discover and learn to understand. I want to highlight different kinds of topics in the field of psychology and help people to develop a completely new perspective on life, personality, and self-growth.

I have to point out that data-driven and evidence-based approach is what I stand for. This means that everything that I write about is based on research, actionable metrics and evidence. You know, as they say – you only live once and you have to get it right the first time.