Through the process of finding my purpose… (2018)

Hey there! It’s been quite some time since I started this blog. I was really excited about it, writing about positive psychology and how it affects the lives of all of us but then I had a minor crisis.

One of my friends asked me what I want to do with this blog, what’s its purpose. And at that time I found no other answer than this cliche one “Because I want to do something big.” There is normally nothing wrong with cliches until you don’t know how to practically do something with them.

So as I answered her I was angry – angry with myself, I was blaming my non-creative part for not finding a better answer. Moreover, to not find a better reason for starting this blog.

So there were months passing by, I forgot a little about writing blogs and I rather focused more on my studies.

During the exam season, when I was kinda burned out and miserable, I think I found my purpose. You probably all know about Viktor Frankl and his searching for meaning (if not I am working on a review of his book) – well everything about that book inspired me.

If you ask me now what the purpose of my whole blog idea is about, I would definitely know what to say. As cliche as it sounds like, I found this purpose through the hardest times at university.

1. What is the main purpose of the blog then?

Okay, here it comes.

As fun and interesting as it sounds like, studying psychology is not always that way. We have to learn and do a lot of things that sometimes don’t make sense. By that, I mean that I sometimes ask myself “Why on earth should I learn this?” and at the same time I am craving for the knowledge I expected to gain when applying for the studies.

So I made a decision.

I don’t want to successfully pass all the years of studying without doing something I really love to do. I don’t want to lose any more time. I think at the end it won’t matter what my grades were, it will matter what I’ve learned through the process.

There was one important reason why I started studying psychology – it was because I wanted to help people. And this did not change. It’s just that at that time I thought I can’t help them without the degree in my hands but now I now that all I need is a holistic knowledge of psychology. And I realized I want to help people beginning NOW.

So that’s it. I know there is a long journey to get me where I want to be but I am really sincerely happy that it starts now. I will do everything that is in my power to provide you the knowledge you want to get from me, to help you grow and maybe find your purpose through my blogs 🙂

2. Topics that I will cover

Something I share around is that psychology is not equal to mental disorders. On many, many occasions I heard that all we psychologists do is treat those with mental problems.

Let’s not deny it, it is a really big part of it and at the beginning of our studies, I bet we all want to become clinical psychologists.

But I want to do a little more than this. I want to erase all the stigma around mental illnesses and at the same time talk more and more about the positive side of us. There are many talents, many virtues, many strength everyone has but sometimes doesn’t really know about them.

Do you want to discover them? You want to look down on yourself and be surprised how you actually don’t know yourself and how you have to yet discover sooo many features about you?

Well, stay tuned, I have a really long list of things I want to talk with you about 😉


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